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Leonard Cohen’s Torah
Leonard Cohen, as well as being a secular poet of enormous power and one of the most distinguished and beloved of Canadian artists, is also a devout Jew whose poetry and songs frequently incorporate stories and symbolism from the Torah. This entertaining and provocative lecture will compare two of Cohen's  songs, exploring their scriptural source and Cohen's brilliant transformation of his material.

INSTRUCTOR Matthew Gindin, R.Ac has been lecturing on topics in Jewish spirituality for several years and is big fan of both Leonard Cohen and the Torah.

Tu Mar 17   7:00pm
Early registration: $10; At the door: $15
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Jewish Healing: Mind, Body and Spirit 
The Jewish tradition has rich insight and practices to heal body, mind and spirit. In this course we will combine bet midrash-style learning of original texts (in translation) with discussion. The fourth class will include learning a transformative meditation technique of the  Piazecne Rebbez"l, the great mystic who became Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto. 
INSTRUCTOR Matthew Gindin R.Ac has been lecturing on topics in Jewish spirituality for several years. He practices and teaches holistic medicine in the Chinese and Indian traditions.
Mo     7:00-8:15pm                     9910
    Apr 20, May 4, Jun 1 & 15
    (4 classes)
Member Value Price: $$100 + gst
Regular Price: $110 + gst


History of the Jewish Calendar
Examine the present day Jewish calendar, its origin and varying views, including the position of the Christian church throughout its history.

Mondays  7:00-8:15 pm      
Mar 9- Murder of Hypatia of Alexandria

Please RSVP 3 days prior to the lecture

INSTRUCTOR Ari Belenkiy Ph.D., is a mathematician and science historian. He was a lecturer in mathematics and statistics at Bar–Ilan University, and recently taught statistics at Simon Fraser University.
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Goddesses and victims: the impossible mission of being a woman in India
In a series of three lectures we will look at a colorful and vivid variety of Indian art images, ads, billboards, internet sites,TV commercials and secret folk-tales in order to understand what it means to be a Hindu woman today and to discuss cultural and gender differences and similarities.
Lecture 1: Modern indian art on the Hindu women condition
Lecture 2: Hindu Women in advertisements and popular media
Lecture 3: The secret powers of women as  told in women-only folk-tales

INSTRUCTOR Maya Tevet Dayan has a PhD in Hindu studies from Tel Aviv and Hebrew Universities. She is a visiting scholar at the department of Asian Studies, UBC. Her essays on Indian art and Sanskrit poetry were published in books and magazines in the USA, Israel and India, and she is the author of the Hebrew novel "A Thousand Years to Wait" (Zemora-Bitan)

Tu    7:00-8:30pm    9912
     Apr 28, May 5, 19   

Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst
Drop-in per lecture:
Member Value Price: $23; Regular Price: $28


Torah & Science
Is there a Blueprint for the Universe? with Daniel Friedmann
Can Genesis and science both be right? We will compare Torah with the latest scientific discoveries on the development of the universe and discuss how it all begun.
INSTRUCTOR DANIEL FRIEDMANN is CEO of leading aerospace company which built the Canadarms. He has a special interest in reconciling biblical accounts with scientific observation.
Th May 28  7:00pm
Early registration: $10; at the door: $15

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