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Jewish Healing: Mind, Body and Spirit

The Jewish tradition has rich insight and practices to heal body, mind and spirit. In this course we will combine bet midrash-style learning of original texts (in translation) with discussion. The fourth class will include learning a transformative meditation technique of the  Piazecne Rebbe z"l, the great mystic who became Rebbe of the Warsaw Ghetto. 

INSTRUCTOR Matthew Gindin R.Ac has been lecturing on topics in Jewish spirituality for several years. He practices and teaches holistic medicine in the Chinese and Indian traditions.

"Talis in Wonderland" blog:

Mo     7:00-8:15pm                     9910
    Apr 20, May 4, Jun 1 & 15
    (4 classes)
Member Value Price: $$100 + gst
Regular Price: $110 + gst


Intuitive painting  
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Find your inner artist!  No experience needed.
In this workshop Zohar guides participants in connecting to their artistic center through music, rhythm and colors.
Release your inner critic.
Forget what you were taught in school and have fun in the process of exploration.
Come join us in this exciting journey.
Max 12 participants

Zohar Hagbi is a creative artist with more than 7 years of experience in teaching intuitive art workshops. For more info visit intuitive painting in Vancouver on FB.

Th     6:30-9:00pm       9911
Apr 16–Jun 18  (10 classes)
Member Value price: $275 + gst
Regular price: $300 + gst
Materials: $50 + gst


Is there a Blueprint for the Universe?
with Daniel Friedmann
Can Genesis and science both be right? We will compare Torah with the latest scientific discoveries on the development of the universe and discuss how it all begun.

INSTRUCTOR DANIEL FRIEDMANN is CEO of leading aerospace company which built the Canadarms. He has a special interest in reconciling biblical accounts with scientific observation.

Daniel is the author of the book The Genesis One Code, which demonstrates a clear alignment between the times of key events described in the Genesis with those derived from scientific observation.

Th May 28  7:00pm
Early registration: $10; at the door: $15

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The Cycle of Life: a Concert of Yiddish Song
with Janie Respitz
Janie Respitz has an M.A. in Yiddish language and literature and taught courses relating to Yiddish language, folklore, literature and Eastern European Jewish history.

For the past twenty five years Janie has delighted audiences with her vast repertoire of Yiddish songs in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Windsor, Amherst, New York and Israel.

Sunday June 7 at 2:00pm
in the L'Chaim lounge

Tickets: $25
Order online:

Bridge Lessons

Learn the basics and build on a good foundation.  Each class will consist of 1/2 hour of theory and one hour of play.

Instructor: Rhona Thorton
Tu      10:30am–12:00pm    6033     
Apr 14-May 12
1. Playing the cards; 2. Major suit opening; 3. Minor suit opening; 4. No trump opening; 5.Overcalling
Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst

Instructor: Rhona Thorton
Tu      10:30am–12:00pm    6044 
May 19-Jun 23
1. Review; 2. Weak two’s; 3. Stayman convention; 4. Take out double 1; 5. Take out double 2; 6. Club opening   
Member Value Price: $60 + gst
Regular Price: $75 + gst

Sign up for both Beginner & Intermediate: M$90/R$120      6045

Bridge Fundamentals
For those who know how to play but want to review the fundamentals and sharpen their skills. 30 minutes of theory and one hour of play in each session.
1. Negative Doubles; 2. No trump Structure; 3. Power of Length; 4. Finesses Part 2; 5.  Third Hand High; 6. Second Hand Low
Instructor: Barry Yamanouchi
We     10:30am-12:00pm    6035   Apr 22–Jun 3
    no class May 13     
Member Value Price: $60 + gst  
Regular Price: $75 + gst


Supervised Play
Players will be given hands to play and be able to ask the bridge supervisor questions. Bring your partner, bring a friend or just come by yourself.
Supervisor: Rhona Thorton
Fr     11:00am-1:00pm
starting April 17       
Drop-in fee: $5

Circle of friends - women 55+
An exciting group of young-at-heart and active widowed, divorced and single women. Within this interactive program you will find a warm place to develop new and meaningful female friendships.  Lead by life coach Rebecca Porte, these bi-weekly sessions will be a road to new relationships and experiences.
Instructor:  Rebecca Porte
Tu      1:00-2:30pm 
    Apr 21, May 5, May 19, Jun 9,  Jun 23 (party - $5 cost)
Free, but reservations are required. For more information and to reserve a spot, contact Leah Deslauriers 604.638.7283 or 

Mixed Voices Choir
Learn a repertoire of Jewish and Israeli music
Open to everyone age 18+ by audition.
Prerequisite: singing ability and dedication.

Instructor  Sarit Aloni is a classical singer, pianist, choral director and a musical arranger. Sarit currently conducts the Vancouver Vivaldi Chamber Choir.  She holds a Bachelors of Music degree from TLV University, and is completing  her Masters of Music in Choral Conducting  at UBC.
Tu 7:00-9:00pm
Mar 17-Jun 2       
Member Value Price: $130 + gst
Regular Price: $150 + gst


World Music Choir
Instructor: Anna Baignoche
Anna Baignoche truly believes everyone can and should sing! From Cuban salsa to Brazilian samba, West African highlife to Canadian and Israeli folk, African American gospel to Japanese children’s rounds, the JCC World Music Choir will travel the world through song.
Tu     7:30-9:00 pm
7986    Apr 14 - Jun 16             10 classes
M: $160 + gst    R: $190 + gst