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Zack Gallery

Music, Art & Poetry Evenings in the Gallery

Inspired by “A Tapestry of Flowers” by Lauren Morris
Tuesday March 24  7-9pm
Word Whip with Poetry and Dance

Poetry by Pandora’s Collective
Featured Poet: Bonnie Nish and

Dancer: Lorraine White-Wilkinson

Features: Tahina Awan, Chelsea Comeau, Maria Dimas, Taslim Jaffre, Candice James, Carl Leggo, Jude Neale.

The poets will read poems that have been inspired by the show “A Tapestry of Flowers” by Lauren Morris.
There will be an open mic time when members of the audience will be given an opportunity to write and read poems they have written about the show.

Music, Art & Poetry evenings are FREE and EVERYONE IS WELCOME. There will be an open microphone time where poets and want to be poets that have come that evening and feel inspired by the
work on the walls will be invited to read their poems.

Illustration on the right: Ode to Summer" by Lauren Morris
48"x48", acrylic on canvas

Presented by the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in collaboration with Pandora’s Collective and the Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library. Made possible by the Yosef Wosk Poetry Initiative Grant 

April is National Poetry Month

Workshops in the Waldman Library
Monday April 27          6:30-8:30pm    
Wednesday April 29     6:30-8:30pm

All events are free.   
To register, plese email:

Ever wonder where to find the the inspiration to write? Find your voice through fun exercises that open doors to your creativity.

Join Lindsay Glauser-Kwan and Bonnie Nish at one of two creative writing workshops. All levels. At the end, we will invite you to read your work at the open mic for family and friends.

BONNIE NISH is founder and Executive Director of Pandora’s Collective Outreach Society. She is also Executive Producer of the Summer Dreams Literary Arts Festival. Bonnie has been widely published worldwide. She has a Masters in Arts Education from Simon Fraser University and is currently pursuing a PhD in Expressive Arts: Therapy, Coaching, Consulting & Education, Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding. Her first book of poetry Love and Bones was published in the fall of 2013 by Karma Press.

LINDSAY GLAUSER KWAN is a creative writer and freelance communications specialist. She teaches creative writing at the West Vancouver Community Centre and facilitates writing workshops. Currently, she is the blog coordinator for Room magazine. A graduate of The Writer’s Studio at SFU and a director of Pandora’s Collective, she features regularly at local events.

Participants of the workshops are welcome to join in the

Celebratory reading in the Gallery
Thursday April 30          7:00-8:00pm