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 Isaac Waldman Jewish Public Library

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 Monday March 23, 2015   
7:00 pm

at Isaac Waldman Library JCC

Gustavo Perednik
To Kill Without a Trace

Also speaking: Elena T. Feder,
who wrote the introduction to
the English translation

RSPV required by March 19 (we expect a large number of responders)

Before 9/11, there was the 1994 Buenos Aires Jewish Community Centre Bombing – it is time to understand its lessons.

A thinly veiled fiction book, published September 11th on the anniversary of the US tragedy, to note that the AMIA bombing which killed 85 and injured 300, is a clear precursor to 9/11. Previously released in Spanish in 2009, Gustavo Perednik’s book, now published in English, is an example that the world must pay attention to terrorism against Jews because the rest of the world is next. The recent death of his colleague, Alberto Nisman, the prosecutor in the 1994 bombing case, points significantly to the importance of this book in today’s troubled times.

NOTE: since the writing of the book, Alberto Nisman died under mysterious circumstances in January, 2015, just one day before he was to testify before Congress in Argentina about allegations of a cover up and about an Executive interference in the Judicial process.

About the author
Gustavo Perednik, author of 14 books and more than 1000 articles on Jews and modernity, has lectured at universities in 50 countries on Jews, Jewish Civilization and Israel. A graduate of the universities of Buenos Aires and Jerusalem (cum laude), he completed doctoral studies in Philosophy in New York and took courses at the Sorbonne (France), San Marcos (Peru), and Uppsala (Sweden). Distinguished as outstanding lecturer at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he ran the 4-year preparatory and freshman programs and the Ai Tian Program for Jewish Understanding in China. He resides with his family in the outskirts of Jerusalem.

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