Hebrew Classes


 Modern Hebrew

Aleph 1
Learn Hebrew from scratch. Begin with the alphabet and pronunciation, start reading and writing using elementary vocabulary; engage in conversation.
Textbook: Ivrit Alphon $22 + gst
Tu     7:00-9:00pm    1904          
    Oct 13–Dec 15 (10 classes)
Member Value Price: $225
Regular Price: $242

Aleph 2    
Expand your vocabulary with past tense. Improve your reading and listening comprehension.  Textbook: Ivrit Min Ha'hatchala $55 + gst   
We     7:00-9:00pm    1905         
    Sep 16-Dec 16 (12 classes)
    no class Sep 23, Nov 11
Member Value Price: $270
Regular Price: $297

Aleph 3/4    
Expand your vocabulary in travel, food, and getting to know people. Gain better understanding of grammar; improve your reading, speaking & writing. Read texts about everyday life, entertainment, history and more.
Textbook: Ivrit Min Ha'hatchala $55 + gst   
Tu     7:00-9:00pm    1906          
    Oct 13–Dec 15 (10 classes)
Member Value Price: $225
Regular Price: $242

Gimmel & Beyond
Prerequisite:  Ulpan, Textbook Gimmel or equivalent
For students with a high level of comprehension. Reading and conversation conducted entirely in Hebrew. Focus on more sophisticated vocabulary and fluency, using Israeli newspapers, literature, music, segments from Israeli TV programs and more.
Th         9:30–11:30am                 1907
    Sep 17-Dec 17 (14 classes)
Member Value Price: $314
Regular Price: $346

 Biblical Hebrew

A unique Introduction to Biblical Hebrew

Acquire effective tools to read, comprehend, and get deeper insight into the biblical text. Vocabulary and grammar are demonstrated through biblical passages.

Prerequisite: ability to read Hebrew with vowel markers (comprehension not required)

Please note: the course requires dedicating a few hours of work at home to be able to absorb and practice the material imparted.

Th      7:00-9:00 pm    1903
    Sept 17-Dec 17 (14 classes)    
Member Value Price: $314
Regular Price: $346

Course material: R.Halabe: Hineh – Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way. $45 + gst

INSTRUCTOR RYAN BLACKWELDER holds a B.A. in Jewish Studies from the University of Florida and is currently a graduate student in the M.A. program in Biblical Studies at Trinity Western University.  Ryan is currently working on a thesis that compares grammatical elements in the Dead Sea Scrolls with those of Biblical and Mishnaic Hebrew.

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