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New Library Technician

Join us in welcoming our new library technician, Erica Pezim. Erica is a graduate of the Langara Library and Information Technology program, and works full-time at the Waldman Library.

Erica is calm, friendly, and competent, and has already impressed staff and volunteers with her willingness to become part of the team. Go Erica!

Israeli, Hebrew & Yiddish Film Collection

Discover the treasure of hundreds of Israeli, Hebrew and Yiddish films, including international award winners, documentaries and children's movies.

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Donations may be made to the Library and a special plaque will be inscribed. For information please call the librarian at 604-257-5111 ext. 249.



Haunted by the past and his own limitations, Israeli Detective Avraham must stop a ruthless criminal targeting children. An explosive device is found in a suitcase near a daycare center in a quiet suburb of Tel Aviv. A few hours later, a threat is received: the suitcase was only the beginning. Inspector Avraham is assigned to the investigation. Tormented by the trauma and failure of his past case, Avraham is determined not to make the same mistakes. He may have a break when one of the suspects, a father of two, appears to have gone on the run. Is he the terrorist behind the threat? Or perhaps he’s fleeing a far more terrible crime that no one knows has been committed? No matter how much Avraham wants to atone for the past, redemption may not be possible, not when he’s entangled in a case more deceptive and abominable than any he’s ever faced.

A thrilling novel set in Tel Aviv, the author uses human psychology and secrets in a tale of investigation. The story is told from multiple viewpoints, spinning a web of deception that the characters must navigate in their quest for answers.

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