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Book Launch of
The Stonehenge Letters by Harry Karlinsky
published by Coach House Press
We April 30 7:00 pm

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Introductions by George Fetherling, author of Walt Whitman's Secret

About the book:
While digging through the Nobel Archives in Stockholm, trying to figure out why his hero, Sigmund Freud, never received a Nobel Prize, a psychiatrist makes an unusual discovery. Among the unsolicited self-nominations in the museum’s ‘Crackpot’ file, there are six letters addressed to Mr. Ragnar Sohlman, executor of Alfred Nobel’s will. Remarkably, all but one is crafted by a different Nobel laureate – including Rudyard Kipling, Ivan Pavlov, Teddy Roosevelt and Marie Curie – and each is an explanation of why and how Stonehenge was constructed. Diligent research eventually uncovers that Alfred Nobel, intrigued by a young woman’s obsession with the mysterious landmark, added a secret codicil to his will: ‘a prize – reserved exclusively for Nobel laureates – was to be awarded to the person who solves the mystery of Stonehenge.’

But is this fact or is this fiction? Weaving together a wealth of primary documents – photos, letters, wills – The Stonehenge Letters acts as a wryly documented archive of a fascinating secret competition, complete with strange but illuminating submissions and a contentious prize-awarding process

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by Daniel Silva


Madeline Hart is a rising star in the British government: beautiful, intelligent and driven to succeed by an impoverished childhood. But she also has a dark secret. She is the lover of the prime minister, Jonathan Lancaster. When she disappears on the island of Corsica, it’s clear her kidnappers know about the affair and intend to make the PM pay dearly for his sins. Fearful of scandal that will destroy his career, Lancaster decides to handle the matter privately and not involve the police.

Enter Gabriel Allon—assassin, art restorer and spy, who must find Madeline within seven days before she is executed. With the clock ticking, Allon is thrust into a deadly game of shadows from the underworld of Marseilles, and finally to a pulse-pounding climax in Moscow.

This captivating new page-turner from the undisputed master of spy fiction is sure to thrill new and old fans alike; Silva builds tension with breathtaking turns of the plot. It's a book that's about resurrection, second chances, and accepting who you are and your place in the world.

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