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NEW! Hot Beverages at the Pro Shop

Do you work out in the mornings before NAVA Cafe is open and forgot to stop for your coffee or tea? Put the kids in swimming or dance and want a hot chocolate or snack but NAVA Cafe is done for the day?

Now you can buy that coffee, tea and hot chocolate from the KARL TAUSSIG PRO SHOP whenever the NAVA Cafe is closed, for only $2 per cup - taxes included. 

Check out our fine selection of Keurig(R) single cup pod hot beverages.

"Recent work reported that ingestion of 3-9 mg of caffeine per kilogram (kg) of body weight one hour prior to exercise increased endurance running and cycling performance in the laboratory." For more info click here for the rest of this article from the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Make a splash

  • Register for swim lessons
  • Join the swim club
  • Swim some laps
  • Take an aquafit class

Live Fit and Healthy

  • Take a fitness class: 27+ classes to choose from
  • Join a yoga or meditation class; we offer a class 6 days/week!
  • Get stronger with our expert personal trainers. The first orientation is on us!
  • Lift some weights


  • Pick up basketball in our gym
  • Learn a musical instrument in the JCC School of Music
  • Dance!
  • Family Time Gym


  • Active Aging Programs
  • Circle of Friends
  • Your creative side

Get Cultured

  • Jewish Book Festival
  • International Chutzpah! Festival

Learn and Grow

  • Take a wine tasting class
  • Visit the Zack Gallery
  • Take a Hebrew class
  • Borrow a book from the Waldman Library

Member Perks!

  • Member Value Pricing
  • Priority Registration
  • Free Parking
  • Annual BBQ
  • Free Member Activities

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