Monthly Donations

Monthly Donations - the most effective way to give.  
No more filling out forms, writing cheques or paying for postage, and you can cancel your commitment at any time.

Plus, when you become a Monthly Donor, it saves us money too - money that can be put towards much needed programs and services: we save on printing, posting, promotional and event planning expenses.

Even small monthly contributions will make a significant difference in someone's life. Here are a few examples of how your monthly pledge can help so many:

$10 per month allows a child to attend Floor Hockey for 3 months

$18 per month allows a family to attend Swim & Story Time for 6 months,
Or a senior to celebrate "Birthday Mondays" for one year

$36 per month funds one year of Aquatic Rehab for a C.V.A. or a stroke victim,
Or one year of transportation for a senior to go on day trips and outings

$40 per month allows a child to attend Summer Camp

$66 per month gives a single parent a JCC membership for one year

$100 per month completes the audio upgrade in the Norman & Annette Rothstein Theatre

$500 per month finances the production of one issue of our Program Guide that reaches over 5,000 households

It is not hard to make a small monthly payment and at the end of the year your donation will add up to a substantial Tax Receipt.

The inner peace gained from giving to someone in need is priceless, start your monthly pledge today.