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The study of Performing Arts requires commitment and a love for the respective art. In most of our courses, students are required to make a full year’s commitment, as the program is progressive and depends on weekly development and assessment. Therefore, our attendance requirements are as follows, with exceptions for valid medical reasons:
Session A - more than 2 missed classes and the student will be withdrawn from the course. No refund will be issued.
Session B - more than 2 missed classes and the student will be withdrawn from the course. No refund will be issued.
Full Year Courses - more than 4 missed classes and the student will be withdrawn from the course. No refund will be issued.
Lessons cancelled by the instructor will be made up during the teaching session, or at the end of the season. Make up classes will not be provided for student cancellations in any private or group program.

You may withdraw from a course and receive a refund up to 4 business days before the start date of the program. 10% administrative charge (of the program fee) will apply. (Minimum $10, unless otherwise specified)
You may withdraw from a course within 3 business days of program start but no later than the second class. A 20% administrative fee (minimum $20) will apply. A credit to the JCC will be offered, but NO REFUNDS at this stage.
No refunds, credits, or make-up classes after the second class or for missed sessions, unless full withdrawal is necessary for a documented medical reason. $12 charge will apply. Transfers between programs will be allowed based on space, instructor availability and approval. $10 charge will apply.

We expect all students to treat their classmates and instructors with respect, to show up on time and to wear clothing appropriate to the course of study.  Any student behaving in a manner that is destructive to the class, will be dismissed with no refund for fees.
Expectations: Participants studying in one class for 1 to 1.5 hours per week are studying at a recreational level. Students wishing to study at a more intensive level should plan to enroll in more than one class per discipline.

BALLET:  leotard and tights in your choice of colour. Pink ballet slippers. Optional: skirt, tight shorts.
JAZZ:  Jazz pants or leggings, fitted tank top or t-shirt, black Jazz shoes. For Jazz Advanced classes, please wear all black outfits.
ACRO: leotard in your choice of colour, bare feet, hair tied back.
TAP: black Tap shoes, stretchy clothing.
HIP HOP: runners, comfortable clothing, baggy or fitted.
MUSICAL THEATRE: comfortable clothing and shoes for movement based exercises.

Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration or payment plans must be in place. No spots will be held or reserved without a deposit. Full year session payments may be divided in 3-6 installments, through credit or debit card payment plan only. GST is applied to adult registrants.

Thanks to a generous donation from Rabbi Yosef Wosk, we are offering the Lyn Fox Jazz Award for a limited number of bursaries. Please apply with school director.

Please note new guidelines to help ensure the safety of your child:
Children under 12 should not be left unsupervised before or after programs. The JCCGV is not responsible for children left unattended before programs start or after they have finished. Parents/guardians are responsible for supervising their children.

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