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NEW After School Clubs  
Gr 3-7
A fun, safe place for preteens to meet other kids with similar interests. Each day focuses on a specific interest. Choose one day or several!  
Mo-Th     4:00-5:00pm
    week of Apr 20–Jun 18
Member Value Price: $40/club
Regular Price: $56/club

Mondays  PHOTOGRAPHY     3209
Valencia, Perpetua, X-Pro. Whether you like taking #selfies or pictures of your cat: learn new techniques and skills. Please supply your own camera.

Tuesdays  COOKING      3210  
Learn to make quick recipes for desserts, appetizers and snacks for your family to enjoy.

Wednesdays  GAMES      3211
Board games, card games and a variety of strategic games - this club is perfect for those who love to solve
Thursdays SCIENCE   3212   
Join Professor Taya and experience the crazy side of science! Make goop, elephant toothpaste and other zany experiments!

FREE for Club J Members!  
AFFORDABLE for everyone.
Bring your own snack.
Contact Ben Horev:

Fabric Art 
Age 9-16  
Create different effects with experimental stitching and design; mixed media incorporating textiles, hand stitching on fabric and paper, felting, tie dye, fabric books, embroidery, knitting, sewing a bag and a bit of fashion design. Instructor: Claudia Segovia.
We     5:00-6:00pm        3022
    Apr 15–Jun 17 (10 classes)
Member Value Price: $120
Regular Price: $150

iGirl – Empowerment for preteen girls
Age 9-12      
This to-the-point, lighthearted workshop helps pre-teen girls to make smart decisions in even the toughest situations. Renowned sexual health educator Saleema Noon and her team take the role of big sister, giving your daughter the power to navigate the changes galloping into her young life.
Sa-Su May 30–31
Register at:

Babysitting Skills
Age 11+                          
Taught by Community Care First Aid Note: lunch is unsupervised; participants are encouraged to stay in the JCC.
Jun 14    10:00am-5:00pm      3205
Member Value Price: $50
Regular Price: $65

 Karate & TaeKwonDo
see Martial Arts page>>


NEW  The Movie Maker 
Gr 3-6
Learn basic movie creation using the latest Lego® Education sets and  Lego® Movie Maker Software. Program includes: brainstorming, story craft, storyboarding, set design and lighting.

Each week, children will explore a different movie genre and collaborate in small teams to visualize, create and digitally record their own basic movie story idea. At the end of the workshop, each child will be able to obtain a digital file of their creation.  

Presented by Stand Out Events, instructor Jennifer Slovencik

Mo 4:00–6:00pm 
Apr 20-May 11 (4 classes)   3299
Member Value Price: $120 
Regular Price: $135

S.N.A.P – Pro-D day 
Tu May 19  9:00am - 3:30pm    3206
A great day of classic SNAP fun for preteens! What are we going to be doing? You’ll have to join us to find out!
Member Value Price: $60
Regular Price: $75
Sibling rate: siblings get 50% off

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