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Youth Israeli Folk Dance Performance Groups
JCC Or Atid and Or Chadash
For dancers entering Grade 7-12 (September 2014)

Th June 12, 2014

Lower Dance Studio at the JCC 

Please arrive 15 minutes early to register

To book your spot contact Hofit Indyk
604-257-5111 ext. 242;

JCC Or Atid & Or Chadash offer:

  • Professional Development with visiting choreographers from around the world
  • Feature performances at major community events such as Yom Ha'atzmaut, Chutzpah! Festival, Festival Ha'Rikud, Multicultural & Youth Events
  • Interchange with P2G youth program in Israel
  • Travel to Festivals in Israel, Miami or Mexico


Adult Israeli Dance
Vancouver Israeli Folk Dance Society
All Levels of classes offered every Wednesday.
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Why I choose the J

 A letter from Or Chadash participants

 Written on their way back from Miami, FL

All of the dancers In Or Chadash/Or Atid have a passion for dancing but it isn't just about learning Israeli dance. It is a program that immerses us in the Jewish community and connects us to our culture and heritage in so many fun ways. Dancing and performing in and around Vancouver is amazing but we also have incredible travel opportunities such as being able to go to Miami and Israel. Through these trips we have made life long friendships with dancers from all over the world! These trips give us the tools to discover new cultures, and traditions.

As well as the opportunity to take part in their local festivals. They help us see that across the globe there are Israeli dance communities just like us. Being able to dance and travel with our friends creates deep bonds between us that will last forever. Along with the wonderful trips we have the opportunity to take part in, we also have various opportunities throughout the year to work with amazing visiting choreographers from across the globe.

Visiting choreographers, great teachers and choreography, fun trips, life-long friendships, and knowledge of our roots are just a few of the reasons why the Or Chadash and Or Atid programs are amazing and one of a kind.

Hofit Sabi-Indyk
Festival Ha'Rikud Coordinator
604-257-5111 ext. 242