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Release & Waiver Form
Please be informed that all NON MEMBER/SUBSCRIBERS registering for JCCGV programs will be charged an annual fee of $18 + GST
I, ( the Parent/Guardian of) the participant, agree by submitting this form, to give the JCCGV staff permission to act on my behalf in case of emergency and for the physician in attendance to hospitalize and secure proper treatment that may be needed for the person (s) registered above. Participation in aquatics, sports, dance and/or any other recreational activity can result in physical injuries. The person (s) registered above may participate in all the activities associated with the course (s) registered for and understands and freely assumes all such risks, both known and unknown, and assumes full responsibility for participation in these activities. The person(s) registered above is participating in the JCCGV program upon the express agreement and understanding that they are waiving and releasing the JCCGV and its board members, employees, staff, contractors, agents, successors, and assigns (collectively referred to as the "JCCGV") from any and all claims, cost, liabilities, expense or judgments, including legal fees and court costs arising (herein, collectively "claims") that they have, or may have in the future, arising from the participation of the person(s) registered above in any JCCGV programs, or any illness or injury resulting from such participation. The undersigned and the person(s) registered above hereby further agree to indemnity and hold harmless the JCCGV from and against any and all such claims arising due to any cause whatsoever including negligence, breach of contract, breach of any statutory or other duty of care, on the part of the JCCGV. The undersigned and the person(s) registered above further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the JCCGV from any and all liability for any property damage or personal injury to any third party resulting from participation by the person(s) registered above in these activities. I understand that photos may be taken of the person(s) registered, and may be used for publicity: This agreement shall be binding upon my heirs, next of kin, executors, administrators, assignees, representatives, and guardians, in the event of my death or incapacitation.
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Program Cancellation and Refund Policy
A) Program schedules, prices and content are subject to change without notice. The JCC reserves the right to cancel or change programs dependent upon registration, availability of facilities, weather conditions or any other reason. If the JCC cancels, a full or pro-rated refund will be offered. B) You may withdraw from a program and receive a refund up to 4 business days before the start date of the program. A 10% administrative charge of the program fee will apply unless otherwise specified. Minimum $10. C) You may withdraw from a program within 3 business days after the program starts, but no later than the second class in order to receive a JCC Credit. NO REFUNDS. A 20% administrative charge of the program fee will apply unless otherwise specified. Minimum $20. D) No make-up classes or credits are offered for missed sessions. No refunds or credits will be offered after the second class, unless full withdrawal is necessary for a documented medical reason. There is a $15.00 charge for this service. E) Transfers between programs will be allowed subject to space, instructor availability and approval. There is a $10 administrative charge for this service. F) Some programs have non-refundable deposits and fees. Please refer to the specific withdrawal and refund policies of your program of interest.