This BCRPA approved course is based on the NFLA guidelines for weight training instructors and can be done as a combination of interactive and online learning.

Course includes:
* Practical education hours in the weightroom
* Preparation for BCRPA instructor competency evaluation

Course Content:
* Overview of the weight training industry
* Exercise ideas for program design planning
* Review of anatomy and physiology; health screening and fitness testing
* Communication skills practice
* Application of scientific training principles; nutrition, supplements,
* Professional ethics and career direction.

Pre-requisite: Registration with BCRPA

About the Instructor: Melanie Galloway is a BCRPA Personal Trainer and Trainer of Fitness Leaders. Her course is based on the best, currently available scientific research in Fitness and many years of experience. Melanie is also the recipient of the 2011 BCRPA Educator of the Year.

Registration ongoing
Cost: $280 +GST
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