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We have transitioned from Bronze, Silver and Gold groups to Ripple and Wave groups

Fall Programs will be announced in August

Ripple Group

NEW Ripple Group

(Previously ‘Bronze’)
Ages 10 – 16

Introduction to competitive swimming fundamentals for swimmers ages 10-16, who have completed Swimmer 6. Goggles and swim cap are recommended. Swimmers should register for this group until invited by the coach to join the Wave Group.

Strokes: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly (introduction), Individual Medley (100m)

Turns: Freestyle & Backstroke Flip Turn, Breaststroke & Butterfly Touch Turn, IM Turns

Basics: Underwater dolphin kick (10m), Breaststroke Pull Out, Racing Dives and Breakouts

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Wave Group

Wave Group

(previously ‘Silver’)
Ages 10 – 16

Swimmers must be invited from the Ripple Group (Bronze) to move into the Wave Group (Silver). The swimmer should be able to consistently demonstrate the skills covered in the Ripple group before progressing to the Wave Group

Concepts covered: Stroke efficiency, Breath control, Butterfly (intermediate/advanced), Race pacing, Goal setting


Wave Combo

Wave Combo

(previously ‘Gold’)
Ages 10 – 16

For swimmers in the Wave group that would like to have 2 practices per week. Save 10% of the cost when registering for both Tuesday & Thursday.


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